5 Things You Might be Taking for Granted

5 Things You Might be Taking for Granted

As the holidays quickly approach and we begin to stress over the decorating, cooking, shopping, social events, traveling and more, I have a simple solution for you – be more thankful. When your heart is filled with gratitude, it is hard to focus on anything negative that may be affecting you. To get you started, here are 5 things to be more thankful for.

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How to Market Your Business

How to Market Your Business

Many small business owners are reluctant to spend much money on marketing as there are equally pressing needs for payroll, stock, rent and other needed cash outlays. Here are simple marketing strategy tips to help you successfully market your business without depleting your bank account.

There are 9 disciplines all successful entrepreneurs have. Click the link above to learn these 9 disciplines. “Keep raising the bar on yourself. How can you better serve your customers today?”

4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

A short clip from my Total Business Mastery seminar about the 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy. Want to know: How do I get customers? How do I determine my target markets? What’s my competitive advantage

Tips to investigate your specialized SEO

Google Robots.txt 

Check your robots.txt for anything that may be blocked. In the event that you hinder a page from being crept and put a sanctioned on that page to another page or a no index tag, Google can’t creep the page and can’t see those labels.

Another authoritative tip is to screen your robots.txt for changes. There might be somebody who changes something, or there might be accidental issues with imparted storing to a dev. server, or any number of different issues — so it’s critical to watch out for changes to this record.

You may have an issue with a page not being listed and not have the capacity to make sense of why. Despite the fact that not authoritatively bolstered, a no index through robots.txt will keep a page out of the record, and this is simply one more conceivable area to check.

Google bot From USA

Now and then, you simply need to perceive what Google sees. There are heaps of intriguing issues around shrouding, diverting clients and reserving. You can change this with Chrome Developer Tools (directions here) or with a module like User-Agent Switcher. I would prescribe in case you will do this that you do it in Incognito mode. You need to verify that Google bot isn’t being diverted someplace — like possibly they can’t see a page in another nation since they’re being diverted in light of the US IP deliver to an alternate page.

Replacement yourself Intellectual Troubles

Whenever you can set up any mechanized testing or expel purposes of disappointment — those things you simply realize that somebody, someplace will foul up — do it. Scale things as well as can be expected in light of the fact that there’s constantly more work to do than assets to do it. Something as direct as setting a Content Security Policy for update shaky solicitations while going to HTTPS will shield you from going tell the greater part of your designers that they need to change every one of these assets to settle blended substance issues.

In the event that you know a change is probably going to break different frameworks, measure the results of that change with the assets required for it and the odds of breaking something and assets expected to settle the framework if that happens. There is dependable exchange offs with specialized SEO, and on the grounds that something is correct doesn’t mean it’s dependably the best arrangement (lamentably), so figure out how to work with different groups to measure the hazard/reward of the developments you’re recommending.

Check for numerous arrangements of labels

Many labels can be in various areas, similar to the HTTP Header, the <head> segment and the sitemap. Check for any loopholes between the labels. There’s nothing ceasing different arrangements of labels on a page, either. Possibly your layout included a Meta robots tag for the record, at that point a module had one set for no index.

You can’t simply accept there is one tag for everything, so don’t stop your hunt after the first. I’ve seen upwards of four arrangements of robots Meta labels in agreement, with three of them set to record and one set as no index, yet that one no index wins without fail.

Sum Up

In a puzzling situation, there might be many groups dealing with ventures. You may have different CMS frameworks, foundations, CDNs et cetera. You need to accept everything will change and everything will break sooner or later. There are such a large number of purposes of disappointment that it makes the activity of a specialized SEO charming and testing.


Tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO

Stumped by a technical SEO issue? Columnist Patrick Stoxx has some tips and tricks to help you diagnose and solve some common problems.

There are bunches of articles loaded with agendas that disclose to you what specialized SEO things you should audit on your site. This isn’t one of those rundowns. What I think individuals require isn’t another best practice direct, yet some assistance with investigating issues.

data: seek administrator

Regularly, [info:https://www.exmple.com/page%5D can enable you to analyze an assortment of issues. This summons will fill you in as to whether a page is listed and how it is ordered. At times, Google folds pages together in their record and regard at least two copies as a similar page. This charge demonstrates to you the canonicalized rendition — not really the one determined by the authoritative tag, but instead, what Google sees as the form they need to list.

On the off chance that you look for your page with this administrator and see another page, at that point you’ll see the other URL positioning rather than this one income about — fundamentally, Google didn’t need two of a similar page in their file. (Indeed, even the reserved variant indicated is the other URL!) If you make correct copies crosswise over nation dialect matches in href lang labels, for example, the pages might be collapsed into one form and demonstrate the wrong page for the areas influenced.

Incidentally, you’ll see this with capturing SERPs too, where an [info:] seek on one space/page will really demonstrate a totally extraordinary area/page. I had this occur amid Wix’s SEO Hero challenge prior this year when a more grounded and more settled area replicated my site and could take my position in the SERPs for some time. Dan Sharp likewise did this with Google’s SEO direct prior this year.

Searching Google URL’s

URL in a Google pursuit will evacuate channels and show you more sites in Google’s thought set. You may see two forms of a page when you include this, which may demonstrate issues with copy pages that weren’t moved together; they may both say they are the right form, for example, and have signed to help that.

This URL index like signed indicates you other qualified pages on sites that could rank for this question. In the event that you have various qualified pages, you likely have chances to merge pages or include interior connections from these other pertinent pages to the page you need to rank.

site: Operator Searching

A [site:example.com] pursuit can uncover an abundance of learning about a site. I would search for pages that are listed in ways I wouldn’t expect, for example, with parameters, pages in site segments I may not think about, and any issues with pages being recorded that shouldn’t be (like a dev server).

site:example.com for keyword

I would search for pages that are recorded in ways I wouldn’t expect, for example, with parameters, pages in site segments I may not think about, and any issues with pages being filed that shouldn’t be (like a dev server).

You can utilize [site:domain.com keyword] to check for applicable pages on your site for another take a gander at union or inward connection openings.

Likewise fascinating about this inquiry is that it will appear if your site is qualified for a highlighted piece for that watchword. You can do this scan for a significant number of the best sites to perceive what is incorporated into their included bits that are qualified to attempt and discover what your site is missing or why one might appear over another.

On the off chance that you utilize an “expression” rather than a catchphrase, this can be utilized to check if the content is being gotten by Google, which is convenient on sites that are JavaScript-driven.

Static Status vs. dynamic Status

When you’re managing JavaScript (JS), comprehend that JS can rework the HTML of a page. In case you’re taking a gander at seeing source or even Google’s store, what you’re taking a gander at is the natural code. These are not awesome perspectives of what may really be incorporated once the JS is handled.

Utilize “review” rather than “see source” to perceive what is stacked into the DOM (Document Object Model), and utilize “Get and Render” in Google Search Console rather than Google’s reserve to show signs of improvement thought of how Google really observes the page.

Try not to tell individuals it’s wrong since it looks amusing in the reserve or something isn’t in the source; it might be you who isn’t right. There might be times where you look in the source and say something is correct, yet when prepared, something in the <head> area breaks and makes it end early, tossing many labels like standard or hreflang into the <body> segment, where they aren’t upheld.

For what reason aren’t these labels bolstered in the body? Likely on the grounds that it would permit capturing of pages from different sites.

Check sidetracks and header reactions

You can make both of these checks with Chrome Developer Tools, or make it simpler, you might need to look at augmentations like Redirect Path or Link Redirect Trace. It’s essential to perceive how your sidetracks are being dealt with. In case you’re stressed over a specific way and if signals are being merged, check the “Connections to Your Site” report in Google Search Console and search for joins that go to pages prior in the bind to check whether they are in the report for the page and appeared as “By means of this middle connection.” If they are, it’s an easy win Google is tallying the connections and solidifying the signs to the most recent rendition of the page.

For header reactions, things can get fascinating. While uncommon, you may see sanctioned labels and hreflang labels here that can strife with different labels on the page. Sidetracks utilizing the HTTP Header can be dangerous also. More than once I’ve seen individuals set the “Area:” for the divert with no data in the field and after that divert individuals on the page with, say, a JS divert. All things considered, the client goes to the correct page, yet Googlebot forms the Location: first and goes into the chasm. They’re diverted to nothing before they can see the other divert.


SEO Type

Types of SEO


There are two major types of search engine optimization, white hat search engine optimization (the ‘just right’ sort), and black hat (the ‘now not so good’ type).

There are of course differing opinions in regards to the nature of each kind of search engine optimization. Get the know-how you have to be ready to tell them apart and make an told resolution.

White Hat SEO  

White hat seo makes use of procedures and approaches to enhance the quest engine rankings of a internet site which don’t run afoul of search engine (more often than not Google) instructional materials.




Some white hat seo techniques include: high satisfactory content progress, website HTML optimization and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns supported via excessive quality content and guide research and outreach.

What to Expect

Steady, gradual, but lasting growth in rankings.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat search engine optimization exploits weaknesses in the search engine algorithms to obtain excessive rankings for a website. Such methods and methods are in direct conflict with search engine recommendations.


Very Low (no longer healthful in any respect in case you ask those answerable for cleansing search engine outcomes web page unsolicited mail)


Some black hat seo procedures include: link junk mail, key phrase stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden hyperlinks.

What to Expect

quick, unpredictable, and short-lasting development in rankings.


The work of most seo businesses, nevertheless, operate in a gray field, aptly named gray Hat search engine optimization. whether through design or pressure from purchasers to supply results, many search engine optimization companies attempt to deliver options and outcome for customers by way of making use of methods which do not fairly cross the line into black hat seo, however are well outside of what would be considered white hat search engine optimization.

gray hat seo is recognizable with the aid of ‘low-cost’ pricing, considering the fact that the search engine optimization company has to decrease cost via resorting to questionable systems with a view to supply results, as an alternative of tremendously worried campaign routine.

ultimately there is quite no ‘proper’ or ‘flawed’ approach to do search engine optimization, but these shopping for seo services must be conscious of the specific forms and methods in order that they know the extent of danger they’re taking over.



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